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What is home care?

Home care is for you who find it difficult to cope with everyday chores and your care at home.

Can I change the home care provider to you?

Yes, with customer selection, you have the opportunity and the right to choose who will perform the services at your home, you can change providers whenever you want.

Can I get a contact person?

Yes, you will. We appoint a contact person that we believe suits you and your needs. The contact person has a particularly big responsibility for you to be well and then the help you need.

Does it cost anything to apply for home care?

No, it costs nothing to apply for home care.

How long does my aid application take?

You always have the right to a quick response to your assistance application.

How much does my home care cost?

Your municipality decides that. The maximum amount per month for your home care services is determined by the municipal board in your home municipality. Likewise, the municipality's fee administrator decides whether your income level entitles you to a fee reduction on the home care fee.

How often do I receive home care from you?

It is the aid worker who decides how often and how much help you get from us. We enforce the aid officer's decision and do not get to decide either how often or how long we visit you. At the same time, we always give you the time and resources you are granted by your aid officer.

Can I appeal the aid decision?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the aid officer's decision, you have every right to appeal it. Information about how an appeal is processed can be found in the aid decision, but you can also contact your aid officer to get information about how an appeal is processed.